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Himerus Health is a discreet, confidential, Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM), sexual health and STI/STD clinic in the heart of Dublin City. With results in 3-5 days and the option of rapid HIV testing (15min results).

We also offer PREP appointments with specialist HIV Doctors.

PREP is available FREE in a pharmacy once a prescription is obtained. Initial consultation €200, subsequent consultations which include an STI screen, €150.

Dr Loy is a sexual health (Genito-Urinary Medicine) specialist. She has completed diplomas in HIV medicine and has won awards for her work on HIV.

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Dr Aisling Loy speaking about HIV & PrEP on The Tonight Show

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PREP, Pre exposure prophylaxis reduces the chance of becoming infected with HIV if you have been potentially exposed. PREP is now available on prescription in Ireland.

PREP is available FREE in a pharmacy once a prescription is obtained. Initial consultation €200, subsequent consultations which include an STI screen, €150.

Some patients may take event based PREP and some may take daily PREP. If you would like to discuss PREP with our consultants book a PREP consultation which will involve: an STI screen, rapid HIV test, renal profile, urinalysis, PREP education and a prescription.

*We are not a pharmacy and are unable to fill any PREP prescriptions.

Private HIV Care

Once diagnosed with HIV many patients may choose to see their consultant privately. At Himerus Health our HIV experts, Professor Fiona Mulchay, Dr Aisling Loy and Dr Dominic Rowley can offer this service in comfortable and discreet surrounds.

Himerus Health is located in a multipurpose health care centre which provides many health care services from dental care, radiology, physiotherapy, and GP services, therefore it is not obvious what you are attending for.

Your consultation, medication, vaccinations, bloods and general health can be provided at Himerus Health.

Routine STI test

This is carried out by an experienced sexual health practitioner. This option includes a sexual history, a medical examination and STI testing. Routine screening tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, a wart examination and HSV detection if indicated. Trichomonas, Bacterial Vaginosis, Candidiasis testing if indicated in females. If you wish to have a rapid HIV test, with the result in 15mins ask to have this added on.

Men should hold their urine for at least 1 hour prior to testing to improve accuracy of results. Women may also wish to avail of their free cervical check smear if it is due ( All patients will have their blood tested for blood borne viruses and may also opt for on the spot rapid HIV testing. Results will be texted or emailed within the 3-5 days. Positive results will be phoned and treatment offered.

Express STI Clinic test

This service will suit patients who are asymptomatic i.e. no unusual discharges, pains, lumps, bumps or lesions that would need to be examined or directly tested. It is more a “peace of mind” test.

With express STI testing no medical history or examination will take place. Patients will register, then have their blood taken by the doctor before being given swabs and/or a urine sample container. Men should hold their urine for one hour prior to giving a sample to increase the accuracy of testing. Express STI tests for Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea, HIV, Hepatitis B and Syphilis.

Price List for Himerus Health

prices are subject to change

Description Price
Routine STI screen and rapid HIV test ( result in 15mins) € 180.00
Standard STI screen No rapid test € 160.00
Routine STI screen and cryotherapy for warts (first wart consultation) € 180.00
Self taken STI screen “Express STI screen” ( option to add on rapid HIV test) € 130.00
Sexual health consultation for chronic sexual health issues ( e.g. genital dermatosis)  € 200.00
Follow up consultation if required € 100.00
Chlamydia treatment prescription if diagnosed elsewhere. € 60.00
Gonorrhoea Treatment € 80.00
Smear with cervical check- Currently on hold due to Covid-19 Free
Private Smear with HPV high risk screening € 200.00
HPV/Wart treatment, follow up treatment. € 100.00
Rapid HIV test only € 100.00
Syphilis treatment € 80.00 /injection
Vaccinations Hepatitis A and B
€55.00 per vaccine
Repeat scripts for chronic treatments €60
HPV 9 vaccination €230.00 per vaccine
Private HIV consultation including treatment € 200.00
HIV appointment bloods € 50.00
PREP initial consultation, STI screen, bloods and script € 200.00
PREP 3 mthly follow up with STI screen, bloods and script € 150.00
PEP  follow up over 6mths, includes all STI screen, bloods and vaccines ( PEP provided through public hospitals first) € 450.00
Additional blood tests and repeat prescriptions may incur extra cost, at the discretion of the provider.  
***Some of these services are reimbursable from your health insurance, the amount will depend on your individual policy.***