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Dr Aisling Loy Talks to Stephanie Preissner about HPV and other STI’s
23, May 2017

Stephanie came to our clinic to discuss some sexual health topics.  She was surprised to find out some facts about HPV and other STI’s.  See her inquisitive discussion in the link below.


STI Clinic Dublin- Dr Pixie’s Sex Clinic
28, April 2016

Tune into RTE 2 to see Dr Aisling Loy of Himerus Health show  Dr Pixie how easy it is to take an STI test.  Dr Loy demonstrates to the volunteers how to do self screening and explains the importance of testing, even if you have no symptoms.


STI Clinic Dublin- Erectile Dysfunction
01, April 2016

Erectile Dysfunction is a broad term used to describe many different symptoms or difficulties a man may experience in his sex life.


The most common type of erectile dysfunction is an inability to get a n erection or maintain n erection “ I can’t get it up Doc“ “ I can’t keep it up Doc”


Other erectile problems include ejaculating too quickly …

STI Clinic Dublin- Sex Week
12, August 2015

Recently Dr Aisling Loy had the opportunity to write for for their interesting series #sexweek.  Dr Loy wrote about a day in the life of an STI clinic to try and dispel any misconceptions people have about coming to get tested. Read more here. 

Following on from this they carried out a survey asking their readers how many have tested for …