STI Clinic Dublin- Genital warts in pregnancy
09, February 2015

Pregnancy warts and all!

 Most sexually active woman will have been exposed to and contracted genital wart virus, HPV (human papilloma virus). Not necessarily the dangerous type that causes cervical cancer (there are over 100 different types) but the types that may cause genital warts. Most women that carry HPV are unaware of it and for the large majority there is no consequence, though it is important to get your regular free cervical smears from the age of 25yrs (see


Pregnancy can bring with it many joys but also the odd little horror.   Though not something you will often read about in pregnancy books, genital warts can suddenly appear from nowhere.   In most cases it is something that has been lying dormant, but due to hormonal changes, increased moistness and a decreased immune system pregnant women can become prone to developing genital warts.


For the most part these are innocuous and will disappear three months post birth as the body changes settle down. The usual topical home treatments for warts are unsafe in pregnancy, however women can opt to have cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen) or less commonly surgical treatment. The majority of warts are a cosmetic issue and do not prevent a woman from having a vaginal birth and cause no problems for the baby. In extremely rare cases a baby may develop warts in their throat causing a condition caused respiratory papillomatosis.


The main points to realise are that it is a very common infection, and it is easily treated. It is very important for women to avail of their free cervical screening to ensure that HPV virus has not lead to changes in the cervix. See or book your free smear or wart treatment with Himerus Health.



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