STI Clinic Dublin-Cervical Check Smears
05, March 2015

At Himerus Health we offer cervical cancer screening smears as part of  Cervical smears should be a routine part of every woman’s healthcare. is a free screening programme, all women in Ireland can register with and avail of their free smears.  The process of having a smear is very quick and generally painless.  After your form is filled out you are asked to undress from the waist down behind a screen.  You then lie on the examination couch and cover your lower half with a disposable paper apron.  Your female doctor will then ask you to put your feet together and bend your knees outwards (like a buddah pose).  A plastic disposable speculum with lubrication is used to visualise the cervix.  A soft smear brush is then used to gently brush over the cervix and take a sample.  The whole smear taking process takes less than 5 mins. 

The results are generally back within 6 weeks and any necessary follow up in colposcopy clinic (in certain cases of abnormal smears)  is organised for you.

Cervical screening tests women for changes in the cells of the cervix (neck of the womb) using a smear test.Changes are common and cervical screening by smear tests can pick up early cell changes so they can be monitored or treated. The earlier abnormal cell changes are found, the easier they are to treat.

Some women may not be due their 3 yearly cervical check free smear or may want HPV screening.  In this instance we also offer private cervical smear testing. 

Early detection and treatment of changes in the cells of the cervix can prevent cervical cancer.


Register on and book your free smear now.

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