Himerus Health is a private sexual health and STI clinic located in Dublin City. We offer STI screening, sexual health consultations and private Genito-Urinary Medicine care in the discreet and comfortable surrounds of the new Meath Primary Care Centre private consultants’ suites. The main benefit of attending our service is you have direct access to Ireland’s foremost experts in sexual health, for their opinion and expertise.

Many other services are co-located; GPs, dentists, physiotherapy, so it is therefore not obvious which service you are attending. Euromedics radiology onsite offers the benefit of same day radiology if required when attending our service.

At Himerus Health patients can opt for a range of services from a Genito-Urinary Medicine consultation, routine STI screening to cervical check screening  (see cervicalcheck.ie).
 We uniquely also offer the option of self taken STI screens with our STI express service.  This service suits asymptomatic patients who would like a full screen without an examination and consultation.

We also offer rapid HIV screening with the results ready in under 20 mins.

Why might someone attend Himerus Health?

Peace of mind.  Many STIs are asymptomatic .  There is no way to know you do not carry one until you have a STI screen.  It is good practice to do this routinely or if you have a new partner.

Genito-Urinary symptoms.  An unusual discharge, rash, lump, ulcer, bleeding, discomfort or pain may be some of the symptoms that patients may want to discuss with our consultants.  These symptoms may indicate an infection or may be due to some other pathology that needs investigated.

Genital skin conditions.  Our consultants have a special interest in this area and most of these conditions are not related to STIs but can be treated at Himerus Health.

Smear testing. We are registered with cervical check and can provide both free and private cervical screening, and HPV typing. To check if you are eligible for a free screen go to cervicalcheck.ie and enter your PPS number.

Vaccinations. As with all aspects of medicine prevention is better than cure and at Himerus Health we promote the use of vaccinations in "at risk" groups.

Private HIV care.  Many patients with HIV choose to have their HIV care in a discreet and private setting. At Himerus Health you can have all of your HIV care, including routine bloods and anti-retroviral therapy provided.

Dr Aisling Loy

Dr Loy is a sexual health (Genito-Urinary Medicine) specialist .  She graduated from Trinity college in 2004 and completed her specialist training in St James’s Hospital before setting up Himerus Health..

Dr Loy has a special interest in Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), HIV and is currently carrying out research in the area of cardiovascular disease and HIV.

Dr Loy has completed diplomas in Genito-Urinary Medicine, HIV medicine, family planning and in leadership and quality in healthcare management.  She has always been interested in delivering the best quality service for her patients in a professional and non judgmental manner. Dr Loy also works as a sessional consultant in St James’s hospital GUIDE clinic.

Dr Loy has been won awards for teaching, and her work on HPV and HIV.  She has been an invited guest lecturer at Aarhaus University in Denmark as well as regularly teaching other healthcare professionals about STI’s through STIF courses and conferences.  She has presented her research in this area internationally and in peer reviewed journals.

Professor Fiona Mulcahy

Professor Mulcahy is a consultant physician in the Department of Genito- Urinary Medicine and Infectious Diseases (GUIDE) at St James’s Hospital Dublin and is University Professor at Trinity College Dublin.  She is department head of the largest Sexual Health /STI/HIV clinic Ireland.

Prof Mulcahy graduated from Trinity College Dublin BA, MB, MCH 1979, MD 1986 and did her fellowship training in Sexual Health /HIV Medicine at the Leeds General Infirmary Leeds UK. She was appointed Consultant in Genito-Urinary Medicine and HIV Medicine at St James’s Hospital in 1987, and was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland in 1991. She is currently Vice President of the European AIDS Clinical Society.

She has personally directed a number of PHD and MSC projects and has published numerous research papers on Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV and related topics.

Prof Mulcahy is particularly interested in the issues relating to vulval disease in
women, syphilis infection and management of all sexually transmitted infections. For her work in HIV she was awarded Irish Women of The Year in 1996.